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It has been many months since I have updated my blog and many months since I made these delicious religieuses. I can only apologise that this will be a vague recollection of the process and not a detailed memory. Hopefully

I made an apricot couronne at the beginning of November, I have no excuse for not updating my blog. Here's the recipe: I wasn't really looking forward to making this, I'm not a fan of raisins so assumed I wouldn't like it. Making

There's one of those biscuit tins which you get at Christmas which always seems to have tuiles in and they are my favourite. I was really hoping that making them fresh would make them even better. Here's the recipe: This includes

I managed to make these a few weeks ago before increased local lockdown rules kicked in. I've been slow to update though. Here's the recipe I was excited to make these because I was looking forward to giving the spun caramel a

Paul Hollywood's English muffin recipe is here: Ain't nuffin like a good muffin (sorrynotsorry) I got up early on a weekend to make these so that we could have them for brunch. We'd already got into a bit of a habit of

I treated myself to a new cake tin for this recipe in the hope that I'd like it and want to bake it again. Here's the recipe: I'd never tried an angel food cake before so had no idea what it was

These fondant fancies were the final technical challenge for series 3, which means I've completed another series. I hope you're proud of me. Here's Mary Berry's recipe for these: I'd been watching the episodes before doing most of my bakes, I know

This recipe has 34 steps, I think that's the most steps I've ever followed in a recipe ever. Here it is: First of all, I needed to make a genoise sponge, which I'd never made before. It seemed to be quite