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I was pretty nervous about making this one, a few people had mentioned it to me when talking about my challenge and I wasn't sure how well I could pull it off. Here's a link to the recipe: I got all

I feel like Florentines are one of those things which I should have tried before but haven't. Hopefully Mary Berry's recipe is a good representation of what they should taste like, I assume, of course, that they are. Here's the

Series 5 was the first series I watched live. During this series was when I first decided that I wanted to try and bake all of the technical challenges, however, it was several years later that I actually started. A new

It has been many months since I have updated my blog and many months since I made these delicious religieuses. I can only apologise that this will be a vague recollection of the process and not a detailed memory. Hopefully

There's one of those biscuit tins which you get at Christmas which always seems to have tuiles in and they are my favourite. I was really hoping that making them fresh would make them even better. Here's the recipe: This includes

I managed to make these a few weeks ago before increased local lockdown rules kicked in. I've been slow to update though. Here's the recipe I was excited to make these because I was looking forward to giving the spun caramel a

I treated myself to a new cake tin for this recipe in the hope that I'd like it and want to bake it again. Here's the recipe: I'd never tried an angel food cake before so had no idea what it was