Series 4, Episode 6, Apricot Couronne

I made an apricot couronne at the beginning of November, I have no excuse for not updating my blog.

Here’s the recipe:

I wasn’t really looking forward to making this, I’m not a fan of raisins so assumed I wouldn’t like it.

Making the dough and the filling was pretty straight forward. I made use of my fancy new bread scraper, which made things easier for me. Here’s the dough after rising:

I then rolled the dough out to 33 x 25 cm as stated in the recipe and spread the filling on top:

I then rolled this up swiss roll style and cut in half lengthways, all going well so far:

Then came the tricky twisty bit. I tried my best to follow the description but it did not look as fancy as theirs did, I don’t know how they made this 33 cm long tube into the lovely round circle on the photo. Here was my attempt anyway:

Maybe I needed to add some more twists and stretch it a bit as I did it. I still managed to get a couple of twists in though.

I overcooked it slightly, but with the glaze over the top you could hardly tell anyway. Here’s my finished loaf:

It raised well in the oven so the hole in the middle isn’t very obvious. It’s less of a crown and more of a fancy hat. It tasted really good though, I didn’t even mind the raisins in the end. Here’s a slice so that you can pretend I shared it with you:

It went really well with a cup of tea in the afternoon.

I have 2 more blog posts to write about bakes I’ve done already. I’ve paused a bit on my GBBO baking because of the difficulty of being able to share food during a pandemic so I might skip a few for now and come back to them when I can.



  • January 20, 2021


    My favourite part of this was ‘it’s less of a crown and more of a fancy hat’ this looks delicious I love apricots and made an apricot cake with cinnamon cream cheese frosting about a month ago. One of my colleagues who’s a keen baker has been freezing extra portions to freeze off any germs and then giving them out, dunno if this helps you