Series 2, Episode 2, Tarte au Citron

I was looking forward to making this, I quite enjoy making pastry, even though I haven’t had a lot of practice!

Here’s the recipe:

I decided to make this for a friend having an Eid celebration after Ramadan. She’s a big lemon fan so I decided this would be perfect for the occasion.

When I rolled the pastry out it was quite fragile and fell apart a little. This was more noticeable after the pastry was baked, it was VERY short and had a little crack (where the filling started to leak out of slightly). You can see that in the top right corner of this photo:

The recipe said to bake until it had a “slight wobble in the centre”. I think I took the “slight” a bit too seriously and over baked it. It tasted good and lemony but the texture of the filling was not a creamy as I’d have liked. Unsurprisingly, my friends were polite and told me it was delicious. The pastry tasted really good and had no soggy bottom! Here it is straight out of the oven:

Unfortunately when I took it out of the tin it broke. I squished it together for this photo and attempted to save the appearance by scribbling on the top with melted dark chocolate. I don’t think it worked but it all got eaten so that’s a good sign!

I made another one of these a few weeks after this one. This time the pastry was slightly undercooked and the filling slightly overcooked still. I think the first one was actually better, so maybe I should just make everything once and never again. I’ll think about it.