Mary Berry's Sachertorte recipe I made it to the series 2 final! I'm really pleased with myself for sticking with this for so long, I've had a bit of a baking spree over the last few weeks to get to

Paul Hollywood's Iced Fingers recipe Last week I realised that series 2 of the GBBO had videos with Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood  making all of the technical bakes from the series. I hadn't watched any of them before but

Mary Berry's chocolate roulade recipe: I make a chocolate log every year for Christmas, so had an optimistic outlook on the outcome of this roulade. The recipe is slightly different (I usually use Nigella Lawson's), but the methods are very similar. There's

Paul Hollywood's mini pork pies with quails' eggs recipe This post will be a guideline of how NOT to make pork pies. You have been warned. I thought the most difficult part of this challenge would be to find quails' eggs but

I have made brandy snaps before and didn't find them too troubling so I was quite excited about making these. I think an alternative name for this could be "burning circles of torture". The bakers were challenged to make 24 brandy

Post 3 of 3 for today! I made this bread yesterday so actually remember what I did, what a treat for your eyes. Here's the recipe: The bakers had 3 and a half hours to bake this and I easily finished

I was looking forward to making this, I quite enjoy making pastry, even though I haven't had a lot of practice! Here's the recipe: I decided to make this for a friend having an Eid celebration after Ramadan. She's a big lemon