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Another bake I'd never heard of before, Kouign amann. Here's Paul Hollywood's recipe This is a puff pastry but made with yeast so I had no idea how this would turn out. Making the dough was pretty easy because I just used

I'm pretty sure this was the first bake that I saw which started brewing the idea of making all of the bake off bakes. It looked like fun to do. Here's the recipe I went rogue when making this and

It has been many months since I have updated my blog and many months since I made these delicious religieuses. I can only apologise that this will be a vague recollection of the process and not a detailed memory. Hopefully

I was looking forward to trying to improve my hot water crust pastry skills, this time without having to mess around with quail eggs! (See my previous blog post about pork pies here). Here's the recipe for the hand-raised chicken and

Mary Berry's Treacle Tart, here's the recipe: I haven't made shortcrust pastry often enough to know whether I'm any good at it. I'm not entirely sure how to tell whether the dough is right or not. I think I initially didn't

Paul Hollywood's mini pork pies with quails' eggs recipe This post will be a guideline of how NOT to make pork pies. You have been warned. I thought the most difficult part of this challenge would be to find quails' eggs but

I was looking forward to making this, I quite enjoy making pastry, even though I haven't had a lot of practice! Here's the recipe: I decided to make this for a friend having an Eid celebration after Ramadan. She's a big lemon