Series 4, Episode 7, Religieuse

It has been many months since I have updated my blog and many months since I made these delicious religieuses. I can only apologise that this will be a vague recollection of the process and not a detailed memory. Hopefully the pretty photos will keep readers entertained.

As always, before I babble on here is a link to the recipe:

Since this was the first time I’d ever attempted choux pastry, I watched some You Tube videos to get some tips. I wanted to make sure that my pastry batter was the right consistency as I wanted them to work out first time so as not to waste ingredients.

Here was the batter at some stage of the process – I can’t remember which:

I had absolutely loads of batter. I was supposed to make 8 large discs and 8 small discs, but I ended up making some randomly sized ones too to use everything up. They rose a lot and I was really pleased with them. Here they are all together on one baking tray:

They were a bit bumpier than I wanted but maybe next time they’ll be better. I’m a pro at making crème pâtissière now so had no problem making this. I managed to fill nearly all of the little balls with the crème pâtissière, and a couple of them I filled with some of the leftover cream later. I only had a short, thin piping nozzle to fill them but it did a pretty good job – I maybe made a slightly bigger hole than I could have done but it was hidden. The ganache was straightforward as was whipping the cream.

Assembling them was fun, here they are all sitting together nicely:

Here is one of them cut open so you can see how absolutely full they were:

They were delicious and I really enjoyed making them. I can’t remember how long it took but I was relaxed about it and took my time, I’m definitely planning to make choux pastry again and recommend that you give these little ladies a go.



  • August 2, 2021


    They look amazing