These fondant fancies were the final technical challenge for series 3, which means I've completed another series. I hope you're proud of me. Here's Mary Berry's recipe for these: I'd been watching the episodes before doing most of my bakes, I know

This recipe has 34 steps, I think that's the most steps I've ever followed in a recipe ever. Here it is: First of all, I needed to make a genoise sponge, which I'd never made before. It seemed to be quite

I was looking forward to trying to improve my hot water crust pastry skills, this time without having to mess around with quail eggs! (See my previous blog post about pork pies here). Here's the recipe for the hand-raised chicken and

Mary Berry's Treacle Tart, here's the recipe: I haven't made shortcrust pastry often enough to know whether I'm any good at it. I'm not entirely sure how to tell whether the dough is right or not. I think I initially didn't

Are you bready for the recipe? Here it is: courtesy of Paul Hollywood. I love baking bread! I can prove it! Here are my pre and post proving dough pics: I found the plaiting quite straightforward. I watched a couple of You